QuakeCon 2013 will take place August 1-4 at The Hilton Hotel in Dallas, Texas, id Software and Bethesda have announced.

In its 18th year, QuakeCon is free to attend thanks to the support of id and Bethesda, plus its volunteer staff. The event will host America's largest BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) LAN party, with thousands of gamers connecting their systems to play.

Bethesda Softworks will be showing off some of their "upcoming game titles to the public for the first time," offering hands-on with some of their most anticipated titles.

Some of the world's leading tech companies will also be on site to demo their latest products.

The big question is whether id will finally show Doom 4. We can only hope Carmack and co. will make fans very please.

Source: Press release