PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is quite the popular game, and it’s so popular that the planned leaderboard reset schedule has had to be delayed. The next season for the game was due to go live last night, but due to the large number of concurrent players this has been pushed back to early morning on October 17. Cripes, it's just passed 2 million concurrent players.

In a post on its Steam community page, the developer, Bluehole, said that, ‘Our concurrent users have been increasing rapidly, and we are genuinely concerned that we may not be able to provide you with a comfortable and seamless gaming experience by starting the new season immediately.’ It continued, saying, ‘In order to deliver a more reliable service, we would like to make some back end improvements.’ In short, it needs to ensure that its servers can handle the game’s popularity.

In the meantime, everyone can still play the game as normal, but their progress and results won’t be recorded. So you can still get your much needed Chicken Dinners, but there won’t be any leaderboard progression. Sorry folks.

Bluehole said, ‘We sincerely apologize for this change in the leaderboard reset schedule. Thank you for understanding that we are implementing these changes to make the long term gameplay enjoyable for our users.’

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is due for a full release on PC in late 2017, followed by a ‘console launch exclusive’ release on Xbox One with Xbox One X enhancements.

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