PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds update 19 is now strutting its stuff on the game's test servers, bringing with it an arsenal of fresh tweaks for the chicken dinner-giving shooter.

One of the major inclusions of PUBG's latest update is of course limb penetration, which does what its says on the tin. Shots that connect with an arm or hand (legs don't apply) will penetrate, with the results varying depending on what area of the body the limb is protecting.

So, if you line up a headshot and your opponent manages to block it with their hand, it'll still register as critical damage; this applies to only head, torso, and waist shots, and does not work on Shotguns (I mean seriously, blocking a shotgun blast at close range with your hand? On yer bike, mate).

Elsewhere, dynamic weather returns to the fold on the Erangel and Miramar maps, and the former has also added a bunch of new houses to some areas.

Additionally, PUBG Corp. has ironed out a number of bugs and is continuing improve the game's overall performance, while extra presets for Custom Matches have been added. You can get the full lowdown via the official patch notes here.

Those of you who prefer a bit of PUBG mobile gaming can download its latest update now, which includes a War Mode and other additions. 

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