PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' desert-themed map, Miramar, will be hitting the Xbox One version of the kill-'em-all-up next month, developer PUBG Corp. has announced.

The battle royale title has remained a massive success on Microsoft's format, although you wouldn't really expect it to have done so well considering it's literally only had one map since launch. Still, that hasn't stopped people from scoffing down copious amounts of victory Chicken Dinners all this time, so fair play to it.  

Right now we don't know exactly when Miramar will be available for Xbox One owners of PUBG, but more information is promised soon. The map has been available for PC versions of the game for a couple of months now, and offers a marked difference from the original battlezone, Erangel.

In recent news, PUBG for the PC recently began testing a new feature that allows players to spectate their killer, making dying just a little bit more enjoyable. Well, sort of. 

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