The Playerunknown's Battlegrounds development team has today formally taken the lid off the name and further details of its upcoming new desert map, ahead of its first gameplay footage to be shown at The Game Awards later this week.

The map is named Miramar, and will feature some weapons and vehicles exclusive to it that won't be found on the game's original map, including a Win 94 Rifle and a hefty looking pick-up truck.

Meanwhile a post on the Steam Community page for the game shows off the finalised map and details some of the landmarks, including the cities of Los Leones full of many commercial buildings and construction sites to the harbour town of Valle de Mar.

The area of Pecado is home to a casino, while El Pozo promises a luchador arena and a motorcycle death bowl among its landmarks. There's also some new screens of these locations, which you can see in the gallery below with the full updated map layout.

There's no specific date yet for the release of the map, although the devs promise that it'll be 'playable during the final test round before PUBG hits version 1.0'. As previously stated, the first gameplay reveal footage will be shown tomorrow night at The Game Awards.


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