Sony has pledged to flesh out its PSVR games library as the virtual reality device enters its second year on the market, with 130 new titles promised by the time the curtain falls down on 2018.

Speaking with Nikkei, the hardware giant stated that it's gained a lot of product confidence thanks to the device selling over two million hardware units worldwide. The company observed that the recent price cut contributed massively to PSVR's retail performance.

Assuming Sony does manage to unleash a further 130 games by the end of the year, then that means we're looking at an increase of 86 percent; the PSVR currently boasts a not-too-shabby 150 games under its belt, after all.

Elsewhere, the format holder championed PSVR's ability to allow users to soak up movies in a 360-degree space, as well as its application of the upcoming Planetarium feature, as a means of offering more than just a gaming experience. 

PSVR was released in October 2016 for an RRP of £349, although you can now pick up the headset for roughly 100 quid cheaper at leading retailers. 

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