Mike Harradence by on Jul 19, 2018

PS4’s Spider-Man game may include this iconic villain

Sony has teased a new villain for Insomniac's upcoming Spider-Man game on PlayStation 4, with Tombstone looking likely to get tangled in the masked superhero's web-slinging antics.

The hints come from the latest Daily Bugle issue that's doing the rounds on the official PlayStation website, and gives mention of a street drug known as Grave Dust. Why does this mean Tombstone might be in the game, you ask?

Well, this particular drug turns your skin gray and hardens it to the point where it looks like the victim has turned to stone. The Daily Bugle reports that those using the drug are also prone to acts of extreme violence.

Tombstone's appearance shares a few similarities with Grave Dust victims, so it's not hard to imagine him being behind the drug crisis that has befallen Spidey city. He's also a bad guy, so the whole violence thing is there too. 

Elsewhere, it appears that Spider-Man's classic costume will also be available in the upcoming action-adventure title, if this Tweet is anything to go by:


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