DriveClub's environments are so impressive, Evolution Studios has claimed, that you "won't see vistas like this on this generation again".

Bigging up DriveClub's visual fidelity with OPM, game director Col Rodgers explained that DriveClub wouldn't have been possible on current-gen consoles, saying that "it wasn't until the stars aligned with the ecosystem of games moving on and the launch of hardware that was powerful enough to support it, that we found ourselves in a position to create DrivecCub."

PlayStation 4, he says, "packs a huge amount of graphical grunt. You'll not see vistas like this on this generation again - actually, maybe in DriveClub 2."

They're bold comments to make given the difference a few years spent tinkering around with each console can make, and doubly so given DriveClub's unimpressive showing at E3.

DriveClub is due to launch alongside the PS4 this Christmas.