UPDATE: Sony has said that it is aware of issues reported by users following the release of system update 2.0 and is investigating.

"We are aware of issues reported by some PS4 users following the release of PS4's latest system software update, v2.00," SCEE said in a statement provided to VideoGamer.com. "We are investigating these issues and will provide an update as soon as we have more information."

ORIGINAL STORY: Multiple PS4 users have reported problems with their console failing to connect to PSN or turn back on after putting the system into Rest Mode following this morning's release of System Update 2.0.

While the issue doesn't appear to affect everybody, some users across various social media (including Twitter, NeoGAF and PS Blog) have reported problems after downloading the update.

"Yep, I can't turn my PS4 on after putting it in rest mode. Booooo," said one NeoGAF user. "Also stuck in rest mode. :-( I hope this doesn't continue," added another.

Meanwhile, on PlayStation Blog, some users are reporting that they have been unable to connect to PSN after downloading System Update 2.0.

"Since the update, I cant connect to PSN. Also, music player does not work," said one user, with another adding: "Updated an hour ago - still can't sign into playstation network!! No game play for me :( very disappointing."

If your system is failing to turn on after entering Rest Mode, however, don't panic. According to one NeoGAF user, unplugging the console, waiting around 20 seconds and plugging it back in should reboot the system.

VideoGamer.com has contacted Sony for comment.

Source: neogaf.com, blog.eu.playstation.com, twitter.com (Thanks, @ShogunDarius)

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