Sony has launched PS4 update 5.50 for public consumption today following a lengthy beta testing period. The patch weighs in at around 460MB, so it's not too taxing on your console's hard drive.

As previously reported, PS4 update 5.50 introduces a number of key features for Sony's flagship telly box, including supersampling, which allows you to enjoy improved picture quality comparable to 4K even when hooking up your PS4 Pro to a TV that supports a lower resolution.

Other highlights include Play Time Management, allowing you to take control of how long your child is able to play the PS4, while the Library UI has been beefed up with two additional tabs, namely This PS4 and name/avatar. You can also now import custom wallpapers from a USB stick and customise the Tournaments team page.

Elsewhere, PS Now owners are able to listen to their own music while playing content on Sony's cloud-based service, while you can now give your notifications tab a spring clean by deleting unwanted messages. 

Be sure to fire up your PS4 and grab update 5.50 now.

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