PlayStation 4 will remove the shackles in terms of visuals, God of War: Ascension developer Sony: Santa Monica has said.

Given the visual fidelity on show in Sony Santa Monica's God of War 3 and Ascension it's no surprise that we can expect spectacular things when the studio moves to the next generation PlayStation.

"We're going to be able to show a lot more, right?" lead game designer Mark Simon told Eurogamer. "If you give us enough time and you give us those specs, we will blow you away. Our team's pretty good."

Simon continued: "Well, the hardware itself has 16 times the memory we had on the previous console. The hardware takes a lot of the shackles off in terms of visuals."

However, don't expect God of War from Sony Santa Monica hitting PS4 any time soon - Simon says the team hasn't even touched the console.

"To me [the PS4] is imagination land," he said. "We haven't touched it. We're not even concentrating on it. All we're concentrating on is we know we release in a week. I imagine we're going to be on our forums talking to players about the stuff they're experiencing in multiplayer and trying to address that stuff immediately. We're going to have half of our team ready to go for that stuff.

"We're going to continue to tune and balance and create new content. We still get to think about and imagine how cool it would be, but we're still working on this game on the PS3."

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Given development is complete on Ascension we're sure a small team will continue to support the game post release, but development of a new PS4 title will surely be getting under way.

Source: Eurogamer