Sony may ship The Playroom with the PS4 this holiday, Tsubasa Inaba, senior producer at SCEA, has told Polygon.

The Playroom has been used by Sony to demonstrate how the PS4's camera can interact with the DualShock 4, the touch-pad and speaker. Demos include a touch and motion controlled version of Pong and augmented reality robots.

However, the collection has proved so popular that Sony is considering expanding what's offered and bundling it with the new console.

Inaba says that internal developers at Sony hope to create new experiences for the collection, but there's no promise that the increased interest will lead to anything.

Asked by Polygon whether The Playroom will be pre-installed on PS4, Inaba said: "Perhaps. We hope to have a more definitive answer to that question in the next month or two."

The Playroom was previously reported to be a console pack-in after a now removed post on the UK PlayStation website said as much.

The only issue with packing-in The Playroom is that it relies quite heavily on the PlayStation Camera - itself not included as standard with the PS4.

Source: Polygon