PlayStation 4 can dynamically alter the order in which game data is downloaded (and how data is installed off a Blu-ray disc) based on the popularity of particular modes or tracks, it's been revealed.

Discussing how the technology could tie in with upcoming racer DriveClub with The Guardian, Evolution Studios' group technical director Scott Kirkland said, "If we recognise that a majority of people take a particular path through the game that we didn't anticipate, we could dynamically modify the default order that the digital version of the game gets pulled down in - and actually, that same technique could apply to how the data is pulled off the Blu-ray as well.

"We can continue to make the experience better for the player."

It was revealed previously that PlayStation 4 players would be able to prioritise specific components of their download via a video explaining the benefits of PS4's new OS. Players will be able to select whether to install Killzone: Shadow Fall's single-player campaign or multiplayer component first, for example.

However, it wasn't clear that developers would also have the ability to dynamically vary the order in which specific data within each title is downloaded.

PlayStation 4's 'micro-patching service' will also let developers release tiny updates more frequently to tweak gameplay and target specific attributes.

"We can even update the handling," DriveClub game director Paul Rustchynsky explains. "If there are any balancing issues - if anyone says 'this car is 0.1 second slower than it should be at 0-60mph' - we can make adjustments like that."

PlayStation 4 and DriveClub launch this Christmas. A bundle containing a PlayStation 4 console and PlayStation Vita is rumoured to go on sale at "the end of the year".