PS4 and Xbox One console sales now stand at "around 60 million" units, according to Mad Catz' chief financial officer David McKeon, 5 million more than the figure quoted by EA at the end of January.

The figure was revealed during the peripheral company's Q3 earnings call last night, where McKeon also stated that the firm expects sales of the consoles to almost triple within the next three years, projecting an installed base of over 150 million units by the end of 2018.

While the exact sales split between the two consoles remains unknown, Sony announced last month that PS4 had sold over 35.9 million units as of January 3, 2016. 5.7m of them were sold in the six weeks between November 22, 2015 and January 3, 2016 alone.

Microsoft, meanwhile, hasn't updated its sales figures since late 2014, when it announced that Xbox One had shipped almost 10 million units.

Source: Q3 2016 Mad Catz Interactive Inc Earnings Conference Call