The difference in power between the PS4 and Xbox One is small and nothing to worry about, Hideo Kojima has told 4Gamer.

Kojima was at E3 with Metal Gear Solid 5, revealing the game for Xbox One and PS4.

"The difference is small, and I don't really need to worry about it," he said, suggesting versions for Xbox One and PS4 won't be dramatically different.

He believes that price may be a deciding factor for consumers, but questions Sony's decision not to include a camera with all PS4s.

"When you come right down to it, the PS4 is cheap (laughs). Though, I wonder about the inclusion of the camera..." he said.

Microsoft will include Kinect with all Xbox One consoles.

He added: "Considering that the camera is so widespread in smartphones and tablets, I think it'll build up to be the norm."

Whilst cameras may eventually become the norm for console gaming, the fact Sony is able to significantly undercut the price of the Xbox One by not shipping PS4s with a camera could be prove to be huge win for the platform holder. Microsoft will have to work hard to sell the added value of Kinect.


Source: via DualShockers translation