The PlayStation 4 is marginally more complicated to develop for than the Xbox One, and whilst the memory is faster in the PS4, both systems offer similar computational performance, The Witcher 3's lead engine programmer Balázs Török has told Eurogamer.

"On the PS4 it's very good to have the fast memory," said Török, "everyone is really happy about that - but the problem is the game has to function on everything.

"No we are not holding it back," he added, "it's just we are not at the stage right now to go in and optimise on each platform specifically. We want to make the game and the whole engine run on everything, with all the features and bells and whistles, and then just optimise, optimise, optimise.

Regarding the consoles' relative power, he added: "I don't see a major power difference. The memory is very different but I already said that before. Pure computation power, if you just measure that, there's no major difference."

The Xbox One's similarity to PC architecture does give it a slight advantage in development, he explained.

"The Xbox One is pretty easy to understand because not just the hardware is similar to the PC, but everything like the SDK, the API is really similar to what you would find on a PC. On PS4 this is a little bit more complicated, but I personally worked on PS3 before."

Studio head Adam Badowski also confirmed the game will offer support for Kinect and the touch pad on the PS4's DualShock 4 controller, though details on each aren't ready to be revealed.

The Witcher 3 will be released in 2014 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Eurogamer