Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players on PS3 with Elite will receive content drops 16,17 and 18 on August 16, Infinity Ward has announced.

Posting last night on Twitter, the studio revealed: "Next #MW3 PS3 Elite content drops 8/16. Includes: 2 MP maps Decommission & Offshore + Spec Ops mission Vertigo."

Decommission takes place in a mid-sized ship graveyard. Offshore is a close-quarters map on an oil rig, with plenty of areas to fall to your death. Vertigo has you dispatching waves of enemy helicopters from the rooftop of a hotel in Dubai.

Of course, Xbox 360 players can look forward to a new batch of content later this month too, including two brand new Spec Ops missions: Light 'Em Up and Special Delivery.