Sony has revealed a new PSP Remaster series for the PS3, which will see classic PSP games given a PS3 release with high definition visuals. Unsurprisingly, the first title announced for release in Japan is PSP sales giant Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

On the PS3 the PSP remasters will include Dual Shock 3 support, HD visuals (potentially 3D support), new add-on content (title dependent), and online play via the console's adhoc party application.

Players will also be able to share their game saves across the PSP and PS3, so it'll be possible to continue your home game while out and about. Monster Hunter Portal 3rd HD is set for a summer release in Japan, but don't hold your breath for a UK release - we're still waiting for the PSP game to arrive on these shores.

A God of War Portable Collection is rumoured to be coming to PS3, which now looks more likely given the PSP Remaster series announcement.

Via Andriasang