PS3 FIFA 09 graphics ‘at least as good’ as 360 version

PS3 FIFA 09 graphics ‘at least as good’ as 360 version
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PS3 FIFA 09’s graphics will be “at least as good” as 360 FIFA 09’s, EA has promised.

Speaking to in an interview, FIFA 09 PS3 and Xbox 360 producer David Rutter said that some multiplatform game developers had in the past struggled to get the PS3 version up to scratch simply because they started working on Microsoft’s console first.

However, Rutter said that EA development on PS3 has now “caught up” and it has achieved “parity” on its multiplatform games.

Rutter said: “This year we’ve done a heap of work to make sure that the actual visuals of the game are at least as good on PS3 as 360, to the extent where we’ve had meetings with executives that have basically been fine tooth combing almost, taken a microscopic look at what’s going on to make sure they are as good as each other, and they are. There’s no graphical features or level of rendering or anything else that’s different between the consoles this year.”

When asked why such attention was needed to get the PS3 version to the same level as the 360 version, Rutter replied: “A lot of it is to do with the fact that when all the game teams around the world started work on console games they ended up making a 360 version before a PS3. So tools and technologies were there to support 360 in advance of PS3, and the investment required to do both is obviously an up front cost, and it takes a little while to catch up.”

He added: “Yeah. As far as we’re concerned we’re there. There is parity, as it’s called, between 360 and PS3 for us. We’re chuffed about that.”

FIFA 09 is due out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PS2 this Autumn. Check out our hands-on preview right here.