Weekly PS Vita sales in Japan have hit an all time low of just 8,931 units, marking the first time the handheld has slipped below the 10,000 unit mark since its launch.

In fairness to Sony's handheld there were slumps across the board, with the 3DS down to 72,115 units from 121,921. It was only the Xbox 360 that managed a sales increase, almost tripling its weekly tally from 1,317 units to 3,764 units.

Much of the Xbox 360's increase can be attributed to the launch of Kinect Star Wars, new at No.12 with 6,010 copies sold.

3DS: 72,115 (Last week: 121,921)

PlayStation 3: 19,370 (23,771)

PSP: 14,804 (18,356)

Vita: 8931 (12,105)

Wii: 7099 (9292)

Xbox 360: 3,764 (1317)

PlayStation 2: 1355 (1374)

DSi XL: 793 (941)

DSi: 743 (771)

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Via Andriasang