A hacker has allegedly located an exploit in the PS Vita and taken the first steps to create an application which could load homebrew code on Sony's handheld machine.

As detailed on NeoGAF, precise specifics about the exploit have not been revealed. The hacker, Yifan Lu, has released a few lines of code for the project and is encouraging other developers to join in and aid his efforts.

There is currently nothing for budding homebrew fans to download, nor any indication of when such a thing might even be released.

While this development is not directly linked to piracy - and Yifan Lu's loader is not being designed to enable software piracy on the machine - it is likely to unsettle Sony and other Vita developers as developments in the homebrew scene often precede exploits that allow for piracy.

Yifan Lu's Github page says the new loader is "Based heavily" off Half Byte Loader for the PSP, an open-source program that allows users to run homebrew applications on the machine.