One of the many games revealed by Sony at its GDC 2010 conference was PlayStation Move fighting title Motion Fighter - a pretty generic place holder name.

The no-rules brawler now has an official title, The Fight: Lights Out.

In addition to coming up with an official name, the game's producer John McLaughlin has revealed there's been plenty of improvements made since the game's reveal.

"Since then [GDC] we've been working hard on getting the game together. We're currently in an alpha state and things are starting to look sweet.

"We've conducted a ton of motion capture to ensure that every punch, every hit reaction, every dirty move and every hard-hitting knockout makes the player feel right in the thick of the action. So get ready to go blow-for-blow in the fight of your life."

McLaughlin added: "This is The Fight: Lights Out, and you can fight any way you want to - just make sure you win! All of this is only possible with the freedom of movement available with PlayStation Move."

Look out for more on The Fight: Lights Out at E3 in June.

Via PlayStation Blog