Activision has outlined the first two DLC drops for Prototype 2, beginning with today's launch of the Colossal Mayhem Pack.

The Colossal pack will be followed on May 29 with the Excessive Force Pack.

Colossal Mayhem Pack:

  • Thermobaric Boom-Stick
  • Force Multiplier Powers:
  • ----Warp Vortex
  • ----Anti Gravity Field
  • ----Air Time
  • Custom Skins:
  • ----Heller Test Subject
  • ----Infected Heller
  • ----Infantry Heller

Excessive Force Pack:

  • Viral Infector Grenade Launcher
  • Force Multiplier Powers:
  • ----Shockwave
  • ----Chaos Creator Mode
  • ----Medusa's Wrath
  • Custom Skins:
  • ----Armored Heller
  • ----Agile Armor Alex Mercer
  • ----Zombie Mercer

The DLC packs are priced 400 MS Points/$4.99. Gamers who purchased the Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector's Edition will be able to redeem their one-time use code to download the Colossal Mayhem Pack for free from today.