Social deception game Project Winter has just recieved its first big update since launch, introducing a new map as well as some other new features, balance tweaks and bug fixes.

The new map's main feature is an elevated cabin, which can be accessed via a narrow ramp or a gondola which can be sabotaged by traitors in order to slow down its progress and delay survivors from getting around the map. 

The update also includes two new main tile variations for the existing maps, altering the position of rocks and trees. Text chat has now also been added to pre-game lobbies, and a a sound effect that plays when messages are sent to alert everyone to them.

Other tweaks include UI improvements, crossplay icon visuals and balance changes such as the traitor radio jamming ability now no longer affecting the red radio channel, traps getting a grace period, and tripwires slowing down players by 50% for ten seconds as well as a bunch of new cosmetics to earn and plenty of other tweaks which you can read about here.

The update is now live in Project Winter, which is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC with the game also available via Xbox Game Pass.

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