Atari and The Weinstein Company have announced that the Wii game based on the hit TV show Project Runway will make its way into UK stores on March 26, 2010.

Project Runway promises to put fans of the series in the role of an aspiring fashion designer. Similar to the show, players will be presented with a range of theme challenges as they create designs and adorn models with hair, make-up, and accessories.

Players can also become the model and strut their creations down the runway using the Wii Balance Board accessory. The game will also feature Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors from the show, as well as the top eight contestants from season six.

In addition to offering a core mode based on the Project Runway reality show, the Wii game will feature a collection of family friendly games.

- An interactive garment studio

- A fashion career mode

- Hair and make-up studios

- A Wii Balance Board-compatible catwalk game

- The player can take part in high-profile fashion shoots and take on the role of a fashion photographer.