Imogen Donovan by on Oct 4, 2019

Project Resistance uses Resident Evil 3 theme, hinting at a RE3 remake

Project Resistance occasionally uses a musical theme from Resident Evil 3, sparking intrigue that a Resident Evil 3 remake might be on the horizon (via WccfTech).

Project Resistance is Capcom’s latest Resident Evil title, and it’s an asymmetric multiplayer survival game that pits four co-op players against a nefarious player-controlled Mastermind. When it was unveiled at Tokyo Game Show, it was met with criticism by a portion of RE fans who were hoping the game would be a single-player core installment of the Resident Evil storyline. 

Now, it seems that those who were hankering for a meatier serving of Resident Evil might be in luck. Fans have heard the save room theme from Resident Evil 3 playing occasionally during Project Resistance games. Have a listen here:

Project Resistance is currently in beta on PlayStation 4. The theme may be taken out when the game is released, or it may be kept in as a nod to a well-loved title in the Resident Evil series. We’ll have to sit tight and see until Capcom updates its fans.


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