It's not like it wasn't going to happen; in fact, it had already been announced, but it's nice to get some more confirmation. Winning Eleven will see a release on the Xbox 360 late in 2006, with Seabass telling Japanese magazine Famitsu that he wants to move towards seeing eleven Vs eleven online play. Whether or not this can be achieved just yet is another matter, with numerous technical and gameplay issues that would need to be hurdled (I have often thought this kind of team online play would end up in a mess with players constantly out of position). Obviously the game would be known as Pro Evolution Soccer when it is released in Europe.

Back to the current-gen we have Pro Evolution Soccer 5 due for release on PlayStation 2 and Xbox on October 21st with the PC version out a week later. The PSP version is expected some time in November. You can expect a review in the coming weeks, but for now go and check out our preview complete with gameplay videos.