The hugely successful Pro Evolution franchise is no longer restricted to your video game console or handheld; Konami has announced that it is now trialling a PES arcade machine in two locations in the UK.

The arcade game is based on the multi-million-selling console game and has been specially created for the arcade, but retains the series' famed physics and gameplay. Pro Evolution Soccer Arcade Championship will feature support for two players and can now be found at the Hollywood Bowl on the Finchley High Road and at The Rocket venue on Euston Road.

Players will be able to use e-Amusement cards to save data, buy new players and enable network play against European opponents in real time. Konami also has plans to host knock-out tournaments in the future.

Uniquely for an arcade machine, players will be able to plug in the home console controller they are used to and play the game with that.

Konami plans to release the game on a wider scale following the trial period.