Hot on the heels of GameSpot's Editor-In-Chief quitting today after 10 years at the helm, it's emerged that the boss of Prey developer Human Head Studios has left the company.

Consumer site reported that CEO Timothy Gerritsen has left over differences on which direction the business should be taking. Apparently Gerritsen remains on "amicable" terms with the developer and plans to continue working in the games industry.

Human Head's first release was Rune in 2000, followed by Dead Man's Hand in 2004. However, it was last year's critically acclaimed and much anticipated PC and Xbox 360 shooter Prey that really raised the profile of the studio.

Company president Paul MacArthur is taking on the role of interim CEO following Gerritsen's departure. The developer has yet to announce what its next project will be, although a sequel to Prey was hinted at on completion of the original game.