Fans who pre-order upcoming strategy game Civilization 6 will be given early access to the game's Aztec civilization, 2K has announced.

The Aztec Civilization Pack, which includes a new leader (Montezuma), unit, building and wonder, will be available exclusively to pre-order customers at launch before unlocking free to all other players 90 days later. That means that if you aren't planning on pre-ordering, you'll be able to download it early next year.

For details on what's included take a look below:

Civ 6 aztec unit

Unique Unit: Eagle Warrior

Within the Aztec army existed two classes of elite infantry: the Jaguar Warriors and the Eagle Warriors. Eagle Warriors were comprised of the bravest young men of noble birth who had managed to take the most prisoners in battle. Only after taking 20 prisoners intact enough to serve as human sacrifice could a young man be considered for Eagle Warrior status. 

Civ 6 aztec building

Unique Building: Tlachtli

When Aztecs weren't waging war, capturing prisoners and sacrificing them to the gods, they often enjoyed a bit of sport. The Tlachtli, a ball court shaped like a capital I, was home to many games, including one particular game similar to basketball in which the goal is to place a ball through the opposition's stone hoop; however, in the Aztec version, you can't use your hands.

Civ 6 aztec wonder

Wonder: Huey Teocalli

Otherwise known as the Greater Temple of the Aztecs, the Huey Teocalli is a giant terraced pyramid leading up to a temple where some of the most important Aztec rituals were performed. Unfortunately, there is very little left of the Huey Teocalli today, save for some scattered ruins in the Zocalo main square of Mexico City's downtown district. 

Civilization 6 launches exclusively on PC on October 21.

Source: 2K Games

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