Keen Games' addictive sandbox-flavoured actioner Portal Knights has received a fresh update introducing the all-new Creative Mode and Universe Sharing feature.

Players will have the chance to flex their creative muscle by selecting a range of diverse environments, which you can spruce up using unlimited blocks, furniture, decorations, and other tools. 

Once you've cobbled something together you can share it with other users by using Steam Workshop's Universe Sharing tool. Hopefully your creations will inspire others rather than have them point and laugh at your efforts. 

In addition to the above, Portal Knights' latest patch adds a heap of other new content, including the pirate-themed city Landlubber's Leap, where you can hoover up rewards by taking part in fresh quests and having a natter with new characters.

Meanwhile, there's 20 new armour pieces up for grabs, while finding or crafting mailboxes will cough up a free weekly gift. Finally, mysterious Spectral Knights will be putting in an appearance to see you through 'epic journeys and complete daring quests.'

Portal Knights update 1.4 is out now for PC and will be rolling out on mobile and consoles soon.

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