GTA 5 has gotten off to a pretty good start in Japan, shifting almost 400,000 copies during its opening week, according to Media Create sales data.

The Rockstar blockbuster sold 360,115 copies on PS3 and a further 26,612 copies on Xbox 360. This was a major improvement over the 165,000 copies GTA 4 managed to shift at its Japanese launch in November 2008.

Sadly for Rockstar and Take-Two, though, the figures were nowhere near enough to claim the No.1 spot where Pokemon X and Y cleaned up with a combined 1.87 million copies sold.

Hardware sales were dominated by the 3DS, with sales up by around 90,000 units to 213,570 thanks to Pokemon fever. PS Vita also bounced back from 3,538 units to 60,166 units as a result of the new PS Vita hitting stores.

Wii U continues to struggle, however, moving only 3,276 units.

Source: NeoGAF