Pokémon Home, the online cloud storage system for Pokémon, was meant to arrive in early February, but it seems no one is quite sure when it’s coming, as surmised from new details (via Nintendo Life).

Japanese outlets like Game Watch and Inside Games are the sources of this information, and the new feature is said to be launching “mid-February” or “February”, depending on the publication. Home will be ready when it’s ready, it seems, but there are some details and screenshots that give us a sneak peek. Firstly, the game has 200 boxes for those players who fork out for the premium service. Moving Pokémon from each game is a simple drag and drop, and boxes are searchable with filters. The search function in Sword & Shield worked well, and I am assuming the filters in Home will be slightly more extensive and sophisticated to accommodate the Pokémon coming from all the different games. Pokémon from Let’s Go, Eevee! and Let’s Go, Pikachu! will only retain their data if they are first transferred to Sword & Shield and then moved to the place the player wants them. And, eggs cannot be placed in Pokémon Home. 

Also, the National Pokédex is viewable in one go, or splittable into the regions of the series, so that players are able to look for just Johto Pokémon, for example. The mobile version gives the player a 3D model to admire—especially useful for telling apart fake and real Polteageists—and the Global Trade Station tells the player where that beastie was found, either Bank, Let’s Go! or Sword & Shield. There is a report that different users will be able to access their Home account with one copy of Home on the same Switch, but this is unconfirmed for the time being. The pricing for Home is as follows: $2.99 for a 30-day subscription, $4.99 for a 90-day subscription, or $15.99 for an annual subscription. Premium subscriptions will offer the ability to host Rooms, search for three Pokémon in the GTS, and keep 6,000 Pokémon in the 200 boxes.

Pokémon Home is coming in February. 

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