Various internet rumblings (spotted by VG247) have reminded people that Pokemon Grey could see the light of day in 2012.

GoNintendo's speculation is explicit: the latest issue of Japanese Corocoro magazine has an advert for the next animated Pokemon film, running with the captions "what mystery is hidden in Kyurem?" and "Kyurem's unseen power will be revealed!"

Kyurem (who is grey) is the last member of the Tao trio, alongside Pokemon Black and White cover stars Zekrom and Reshiram.

Siliconera also reports that The Pokemon Company sent New Year's Cards to Japanese publications promising the company's intent to release "even more amazing games" in 2012.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has confirmed that the 3DS will see a new Pokemon game in 2012. Will it be Pokemon Grey? Pokemon Black and White were DS titles.

Last year the domain was registered.

"Rest assured in the knowledge that Black and White are damn fine games; the best the series has to offer," wrote Jamin in his 9/10 Pokemon Black review.