Pokémon Go exceeds $3 billion in lifetime revenue

Pokémon Go exceeds $3 billion in lifetime revenue
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Since 2016, Pokémon Go has exceeded $3 billion in lifetime gross revenue, as estimated by data analyst Sensor Tower (via Game Rant).

That’s peculiar. Everyone always tells me that no one plays Pokémon Go any more. Sensor Tower’s report included that the augmented reality game has been downloaded around 541 million times worldwide. Sure, some of those might have been when the player uninstalled it to reinstall it and return to the game, but not all 541 million downloads could be due to that. Maybe… no. It can’t be. These numbers insinuate that people are still playing Pokémon Go in 2019

Alright, I’ve had my government-allocated sarcasm for the day. So, lots of people are playing the pocket monster hunting mobile game, and they’re spending an average of $5.60 with each download. Players in the U.S. are the vanguard in Pokémon Go microtransactions, accounting for y $1.1 billion, or a little over a third of total lifetime revenue until now. Japan takes the silver medal with players that have contributed $884.5 million to the total lifetime revenue. Then, Germany’s players pop out of nowhere and claim $181.6 million of the pie.  

In 2016, Pokémon Go generated $832.4 million then experienced a dip in 2017 with a total year revenue of $589.3 million. Then, it bounced back by churning $816.3 million out in 2018. This year’s numbers are looking very promising, with a present total of $774.3 million generated. It could even surpass its initial record. After all, August 2019 was its most profitable month ever.

Sensor Tower reckons that 2019’s sales statistics have been encouraged by new updates that have come to the mobile game. These include the nefarious Rocket Stops, the addition of Generation 5, the Halloween event, and A Colossal Discovery event that is ticketed. Moreover, Niantic is firmly committed to the future of Pokémon Go, as it will introduce a PvP battle league in 2020.