Pokemon Black & White 2 will feature a completely new cast of characters, despite the game continuing with the same colours, reports Coro Coro Comics (via Andriasang).

Players are once again able to choose between male and female characters, both with a sporty look. The girl lead has hair bunches, just like Princess Leia.

The new lead characters are joined by a new set of friends. Rival (not clear if this is actually the character's name) is a childhood friend of the player's character. Also new is Akuroma, a researcher looking into the strengths of Pokemon.

Two new gym leaders are also revealed by the magazine: Homika and Shizui. Homika is said to be good with poison type Pokemon, while Shizui is good with water type.

The sequel is still set in the Isshu Region, but you begin the adventure in the new town of Hiougi City, located in the South of Isshu. The area includes your house and a Pokemon Center and trainer's school. New facilities are also expected to be announced. You can also expect to see new facilities.

Pokemon Black & White 2 will be released on June 23 in Japan, and later this year in the US and Europe.