Ben Borthwick by on Jul 23, 2021

Playdate pre-orders will go live next week

Panic has announced pre-orders for its handheld console-with-a-crank known as the Playdate will go live on July 29.

The company notes that the first batch of around 20,000 consoles should ship in late 2021 with further orders shipping in late 2022. Production in 2022 will be tweaked based on demand, and units are limited to two per person. You’ll need to pay in full at the point of pre-order, but you’ll be able to cancel any time for a full refund.

It’s also worth noting that only the Playdate itself and the Playdate cover will be available next week. The Stereo Dock that was revealed last month with a free pen holder is coming next year. A list of countries the console will ship to at launch is available on the Playdate website.

The console was first revealed back in 2019 and will feature 24 minigames in its first season. Players will get one of these games delivered to the console via download every week. A minigame by Return of the Obra Dinn creator Lucas Pope is also currently in development for the system.

Playdate pre-orders will go live on July 29 at 6pm UK time. The console itself will cost $179 USD + shipping, while the Playdate cover will cost $29 + shipping.


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