EA has officially announced FIFA Online, the free-to-play PC version of its much-loved series.

The game will include three major game modes: World Cup, League and VS. 30 leagues will be available, with 500 teams and 15,000 players.

The core game is completely free, but there will be micro-transactions available for players to "accelerate" growth. At a press conference yesterday at Stamford Bride, the home of Premier League side Chelsea Football Club, EA insisted this was optional.

A closed beta is due to start on February 3, with an open beta set for June. You can register to get in on the action at fifa-online.easports.com.

FIFA Online uses the FIFA 10 PC game engine with PS3/Xbox 360 version assets, and is designed to be playable by anyone and everyone, according to line producer Adrian Blunt.

It's entirely controllable with a mouse, enabling one-handed passing and shooting.

FIFA Online is part of EA's attempt to target some 2 billion football fans around the globe, many of whom aren't already playing the annual FIFA series.