After a tumultuous comeback of sorts for the series, Phantom Dust's re-release is out today at the low-low price of absolutely nothing. 

Head of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter last night to announce that Phantom Dust would be available today, May 16, on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs as a free downloadable game. 

This 2017 version of Phantom Dust has been tweaked a little as it now supports 16:9 ratio, and runs at 1080p/4K resolution, depending on what the player's outputting to. 

At E3 2014, a new Phantom Dust was announced for Xbox One but after only 12 months, it was revealed to not be in 'active' development anymore, and Darkside Game Studios, the developer tasked with this new series revival, shut down. So, while the new reboot that was unveiled three years ago isn't cancelled, this re-release seems like all the Phantom Dust you'll get for the time-being.