SEGA Europe has announced that Phantasy Star Portable is to be released across Europe for PSP in spring 2009.

Phantasy Star Portable takes place just after the events of Phantasy Star Universe, with players partnering up with Vivienne, a brand-new character to the series, to investigate an outbreak of wild animals that may possess the remnants of a once-powerful malevolent force.

"The Phantasy Star Universe series offered a compelling role-play experience with excellent multi-player modes in delightful atmospheres," commented Gary Knight, European marketing director for SEGA Europe. "These aspects are represented authentically in Phantasy Star Portable, including exclusive new features just for the PSP version allowing fans of this series to enjoy the quest on the move."

The PSP title sees players select from three class types and four different races and embark on a single-player or cooperative adventure. Team up with up to three other players using wireless and take on new missions utilising 150 new weapons and items which are exclusive to the PSP game.

Phantasy Star Portable is scheduled for release exclusively for PSP in spring 2009.