Peter Moore, president of EA Sports division, has updated his official blog, stating with the utmost of confidence that this season's EA Sports line-up is the strongest the label has ever had.

So confident is his belief that Moore is wagering a new tattoo if he's wrong.

"We're hitting this season in terms of quality and innovation stronger than we ever have at EA SPORTS. If I'm wrong, you'll see me sporting a new tattoo - maybe a competitor's logo?" jested Moore.

Moore says the reason for this season's success is because EA Sports listens to what the fans say.

"I read the forums, I read your posts on my blog, and we do extensive research and testing to deliver the best sports games on the market each year," he explained. We care what you say, we respond as much as we possibly can."

Of the coming titles Moore also revealed that EA Sports will be unveiling a "ground-breaking feature" for NBA LIVE at E3 next month and noted that for both FIFA and NHL the "future couldn't be brighter".