PES 2011 3D will launch on the 3DS in the spring, Konami has confirmed. The new game has been designed to immerse players in the experience, and is said to mix "the PES series' acclaimed level of control and realism, with the added dimensions the 3DS allows".

The 3DS title will include 60 national and 170 club sides, and players will be able to lead their team to glory or failure in tournaments and leagues.

Games will be played from the active 'Player' camera, which focuses on the footballer you're in control of. According to Konami the "game's realism is literally taken to another level thanks to the game's incredible use of depth and distance perception".

As in previous iterations of PES on consoles and PC, PES 2011 3D also includes the UEFA Champions League, allowing players to take part in the biggest club football tournament in the world. The ever-present Master League is also included, letting gamers build a team from scratch and take them from minnows to world beaters.

PES 2011 3D looks to be one of the more impressive titles running on Nintendo's new handheld, but we're not sure if the 3D display is really going to add anything to gameplay.

If PES arrives at the launch of the 3DS on March 25 it would be a big bonus for Nintendo, but a spring release doesn't guarantee it'll arrive day and date with the new handheld.