Persona 5 Royal shows off new social events and new Challenge Mode in latest trailer

Persona 5 Royal shows off new social events and new Challenge Mode in latest trailer
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In this month’s Morgana’s Report, Atlus revealed the new daily events and new Challenge Mode coming to Persona 5 Royal (via Persona Central). 

Persona 5 Royal is kind of like an amped up Persona 5, in which the original game has been improved and added to with a range of new features and extras. Morgana stated that there are new social events, though the extent to which litter picking can be considered a chill hangout activity is up for debate. There will be a sports event for the Phantom Thieves to attend and chow down on delicious snacks. Nakano and Shinagawa are new places to visit, with the former offering an aquarium and the latter looking like a shopping mall. 

The Challenge Mode is an entirely new feature. Taking place in the Velvet Room, Joker must defeat waves of enemies to reach a high score and earn rare items. Incense is an item that affects new Personas, giving them unknown abilities. And, the Fusion Alarm enables highly powerful Personas to be formed during fusion, with abilities and statistics varying wildly. It is a gamble, however, as it could result in a much weaker Persona from initially strong spirits. 

We also received extra information on how combat will be changed in Persona 5 Royal. The Baton Touch has become a ranked skill, and as proficiency with Baton Touch increases so does its offensive and buff potential. A new cooperative move Show Time has been introduced as well. Show Time combines the strengths and abilities of the Phantom Thieves and as their friendship develops, their Show Time will create new battle techniques. For example, Makoto Niijima and Haru Okumura’s ‘Show Time’ is a cooperation skill based around female professional wrestling.

Persona 5 Royal will be released on PS4 in Japan on October 31, 2019. It will then be released in the West in 2020. Watch the latest Morgana’s Report below.