Persona 5 Royal has DLC dedicated to the newest Phantom Thief, Kasumi

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Atlus outlined the Persona 5 Royal DLC extras, and one will be dedicated to the newest Phantom Thief, Kasumi Yoshizawa (via Siliconera). 

The super swish and stylish Persona 5 got swish-er and stylish-er with the Royal expansion. Delivering an enhanced experience of the core game, it offered a new Phantom Thief named Kasumi Yoshizawa, a new Palace, new music, additional plot and social elements, a third semester, support for the PlayStation 4 Pro, and quality of life fixes. Stunningly, the extras didn’t pad out the total playthrough, as they optimised and streamlined the content to make it the most efficient version possible

It might not be out in all territories yet, but Atlus has shown off what players will look forward to in the DLCs that on their way to Persona 5 Royal. The Kasumi Costume Bundle contains alternate outfits for Cinderella, and is priced at $14.99. The Battle and Persona Bundles are set at $9.99 each, but Atlus didn’t detail what these offer. One idea is that the Battle Bundle will introduce the heroes of Persona 3 and Persona 4—Yu and Makoto—to the Challenge Battle mode, but we don’t know at the moment. And, there’s a DLC that packages all of the aforementioned for $59.99. 

Persona 5 Royal is out now for the PlayStation 4 in Japan, it’s coming to the rest of Asia on February 20, 2020, and it will be released in the west on March 31, 2020. Watch the new “Meet the Phantom Thieves” trailer below. 


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