Ghostlight has today announced it'll be handling the UK release of Persona 3 Portable sometime in 2011. No firm date has been confirmed, but a Collector's Edition will be released.

Writing on the company website, the publisher said that "details aren't totally fleshed out yet, but we can confirm that, for the collectors out there, there will be a boxed version including some 'Collector's Edition' - type goodies for you to obsess over! ;) "

A version will also be made available on PSN, "for the environmentally conscious among you."

The publisher also responded to earlier news of the game being ousted on a retailer's website. "Funnily enough at that time we were only in early discussions with Atlus; not a contract in sight. However, all that aside, we've been lucky enough to secure 'P3P' for a European release since then, which is a happy coincidence! :)"

Persona 3 Portable is a PSP remake of the PS2 original - a game most famous for having schoolchildren summon monsters by aiming a gun-like 'Evoker' at their head and firing. Persona 3 Portable features a revised battle system, new content and the option to play as a female protagonist. It was released in the USA way back when in July 2010.

While there's a strong chance that most people interested will have imported it already, it's great to see a proper UK release for this fantastic JRPG.