PC gamers aren't getting the next generation version of FIFA 14 because there aren't enough players with systems capable of running the new Ignite game engine, EA Sports executive vice president Andrew Wilson has told Polygon.

Speaking about the move to the Xbox 360/PS3 game engine for the PC version of FIFA 11, Wilson said: "Even though there were some PCs on the marketplace that could run that engine, the lion's share of PCs on the marketplace could not. And the majority of the gamer base that was playing the game on PC did not have a PC spec that would work with that."

However, there is room for the new Ignite engine to make its way to PC in the future, says Wilson.

"So could I see the potential for EA Sports Ignite to make it to PC in the future? Yes, I think it's possible, but a couple of things need to happen," he said.

Firstly the average specification of a FIFA player's PC needs to become more powerful - likely to be helped by advancements in on-board GPUs found in latest generation CPUs.

Secondly, Wilson says "there needs to be some adjustment in terms of how EA Sports Ignite works to facilitate the open nature of PC architecture, rather than the closed nature of console architecture".

FIFA 14 is expected to be available day one with the Xbox One and PS4.

It's worth remembering that EA isn't saying that PC gamers don't have high-end systems - you only have to look at those who invest hundreds of pounds to play the likes of Battlefield and Crysis on the highest visual settings - but that PC FIFA fans don't invest in hardware in the same way.


Source: Polygon