Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Desilets has said he was fired by Ubisoft and escorted from the office by two guards, only months after re-joining the publisher following Ubisoft's successful bid for THQ Montreal.

"Contrary to any statements made earlier today, this morning I was terminated by Ubisoft," Desilets told Polygon. "I was notified of this termination in person, handed a termination notice and was unceremoniously escorted out of the building by two guards without being able to say goodbye to my team or collect my personal belongings.

"This was not my decision."

He added: "Ubisoft's actions are baseless and without merit. I intend to fight Ubisoft vigorously for my rights, for my team and for my game."

Desilets' comments followed an official statement from Ubisoft, which painted a slightly different picture.

"The acquisition of THQ Montréal in January allowed Ubisoft to welcome 170 experienced developers, including Patrice Désilets, to our existing and renowned workforce," a Ubisoft spokesperson told Polygon.

"Unfortunately, since the acquisition, the good faith discussions between Patrice and Ubisoft aimed at aligning Patrice's and the studio's visions have been inconclusive. As a result, Patrice has left the studio."

The statement concluded: "Our priorities remain with the teams already hard at work on projects in development. They are at the root of Ubisoft Montréal's past and future successes."

This is all a remarkable turnaround from Ubisoft, which earlier this year at the time of Desilets' return said it was "very pleased to welcome Patrice to Ubisoft again," and was looking forward to a partnership which promised to "produce new ideas and high-quality titles for Ubisoft's customers".

Ubisoft is yet to respond to Desilets' comments.

Source: Polygon

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