As if news that the Switch is getting a platform game with anime Bunny girls wasn't strange enough, it's now been confirmed that Nintendo's flagship console (and PC) is receiving a boxing title known as Pato Box featuring...a man with a duck's head. Yep.

Boasting a dazzling comic book-style aesthetic, Pato Box follows the titular boxing champion - a buff-looking human male with a duck's features - on a quest for vengeance throughout a corrupt corporation's headquarters. 

Apparently inspired by the SNES classic Super-Punch Out!, Pato Box sees our protagonist scrapping with members of Deathflock, the same folk who sponsored him during his illustrious boxing career. Every opponent he pummels brings Patobox closer to revealing the 'dark secrets the company hides'...whatever that is.

At this point it's probably best that we let the Pato Box trailer below do the talking to give you a better idea of what it's all about. The game is due out in early 2018.

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