Speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton yesterday, NanaOn-Sha president Masaya Matsuura, the creator of PaRappa The Rapper and most recently Wii title Major Minor's Majestic March, has revealed he is thinking about ideas for Microsoft's motion controller, Project Natal.

"It's very interesting," said Matsuura. "We are thinking about ideas. I think any kind of interaction with a camera will be good for music games, but the important thing will be how we can find the new breed of gameplay. That will be a very important thing.

"Guitar Hero and Rock Band and The Beatles: Rock Band, is just taking traditional rock music. Of course there are so many rock fans on the earth, so they will have a huge impact for the market. But there is other attractive music, so please try to find another style, another interaction, another gameplay with another type of music."

Why type of music games would you like to see make use of Natal? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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