A Splinter Cell film is said to be in discussion at movie studio Paramount Pictures, according to a report on Deadline.

Deadline reveals that the game to movie adaptation had been discussed at Warner Bros. but new talks have made Paramount the frontrunner. No details on the film have been revealed, but Ubisoft are said to want to retain control over how the video game series is translated to the big screen.

Paramount has a history with Tom Clancy movies, having been behind the likes of Patriot Games, The Hunt for Red October, and Clear and Present Danger. It's also currently working with Kenneth Branagh on a reboot of the Jack Ryan Franchise.

We've spent literally two minutes thinking of potential actors to play Sam Fisher on the big screen - some of us took it more seriously than others.

Neon: Gerard Butler

Martin: George Clooney

Dave: Brian Blessed

James: Viggo Mortensen

Tom: Chris Evans

Who do you think would make a great Sam?

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